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Tariff & Pricing

This is the section that deals with Tariff & Pricing as guided by the Retail Tariff & Wholesale Regulations. In addition, the parent Act at Section 12 subsection (1) (e) charges the Commission with the mandate of regulating prices. 

Under this section the Price Cap Plan also plays its role as it is a means for regulating curtain services or providers as it pertains to prices.

Price Cap Implementation Agreement 2004

Telecommunications (Retail Tariff) Regulations 2005

Approved Price Cap Plan for Cable&Wireless (LIME) in St. Lucia

Terminal Equipment, Type Approvals & Public Networks

Guided by the Telecommunications (Terminal Equipment and Public Network) Regulations, unless the Commission grants a certificate of type approval and/or registration of a terminal supplier the items listed below should not be sold or installed to usage in Saint Lucia;
(a)   Cellular telephones

(b)   Cordless telephones
(c)    Fax machines
(d)   GSM telephones

(e)   Mobile radios
(f)    Modems

(g)   Wireless remote devices
(h)   PABXs (including Small Business Systems and Key Systems)
(i)    Pagers
(j)    Radio receivers
(k)   Radio transmitters
(l)    Satellite earth stations
(m)  Telecommunications switching equipment
(n)   Telephone instruments
(o)   Telex equipment
(p)   Other equipment emitting a radio signal
(q)   Any other customer premises equipment to be attached to any part of a licensed telecommunications network

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