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Mobile Number Portability AS Easy As…


  • Go to the retail store or authorised dealer of the mobile
    service provider you wish to switch to.
  • Pre-paid mobile customers bring your Government issued
    photo ID (a valid passport or driver’s license). Post-paid mobile
    customers bring your Government issued photo ID and the
    most recent bill. For business accounts, bring proof of your
    authorisation to request porting on behalf of the account


  • Tell the new service provider that you would like to switch to
    their service but keep your old number.
  • You will need to complete the approved Porting Request Form
    and any additional application documents they provide.


  • You will be asked to send a text from your phone to 77678.
    You will receive a text confirming that your request has been
  • Porting takes up to one working day.
  • Then you will receive a second SMS text telling you to put in
    your new SIM card provided by your new service provider and
    you are ready to use your phone!


  1. Back up your important voicemails or SMS texts.
  2. Use up all your call credits or you will lose them.
  3. Make sure your overdue post-paid mobile bills are paid and your account has not been suspended.

For more information on Mobile Number Portability please contact your local NTRC or ECTEL

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