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Spectrum Monitoring & Management

The Commission manages and controls use of the electromagnetic spectrum in St. Lucia. This applies to all matters relating to the management and monitoring of radio frequency. All persons utilizing radio frequency for, or in relation to the operation of a telecommunications network, or providing a telecommunications service, shall obtain frequency authorization for the use of such frequency.

The Commission monitors the use of radio frequencies in St. Lucia in order to ensure compliance with these Regulations and that holders of frequency authorizations comply with the conditions and terms of those authorizations. The commission may also use spectrum management and monitoring equipment to detect illegal use of frequencies or equipment.

The Commission is equipped with Regulations like the Telecommunications (Spectrum Management) Regulations, Telecommunications (Frequency Fees) (Collection Mechanism) Regulations along with ECTEL’s Regional Spectrum Plan which is used as a guide with the Commission’s role for assignment of frequencies, management of electromagnetic spectrum, monitoring harmful interference and suspension of operations or revocation of authorization, redistribution of radio frequencies, amongst other things.

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