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National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) Universal Service Fund (USF)

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Universal Service Fund

The Fund was established for the promotion of Universal Service. According to the Telecommunications Act 2000, Universal Service includes the provision of:

  • Public voice telephony;
  • internet access;
  • telecommunications services to schools, health institutions and similar institutions and the physically challenged; or
  • other services by which people access efficient, affordable and modern telecommunications

Objective of the Fund
As specified by the Act, the source of funding of the Universal Service Fund comes from Telecommunication Providers. The Universal Service Fund Office under the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), is responsible for its management. The Fund supports the expansion of telecommunications services particularly to the underserved who currently do not have sufficient access and provides telecommunications services which are readily accessible and affordable. Support is provided for the introduction and expansion of telecommunications services to schools, health facilities and other organizations serving public needs as well as for the promotion of technological innovation in the telecommunications sector.

The Universal Service Fund has so far implemented the following projects with the aim of improved broadband connectivity, community Wi-Fi and computer equipment to enable adequate access and voice telephony through payphones:
          1. Soufriere Community Access Centre and environs (project closure as of Oct 2018)
          2. Digicel Payphones-increasing the existing fleet of payphones by fifteen (15) in underserved
              communities (project closure as of April 2019)
          3. Babonneau Library and environs
          4. Ciceron Secondary School and environs (project closure as of February 2020)
          5. The Libraries and Community Access Centres throughout St. Lucia
          6. Sir Arthur Lewis Community College -Southern Campus
          7. The Holy Family Children’s Home-Ciceron
          8. Improved service access for individuals who are differently abled in six (6) Institutions
          9. Boys Training Centre and environs
        10. National Skills Development Centre
        11. COVID-19 Response- Students Lernbook/E-book and MiFi initiative
        12. Castries South East Communities Wi-Fi (6 locations)

Most recently the National Telecommunication’s Regulatory Commission through its Universal Service Fund agreed to a COVID-19 response. The need materialized when the Ministry of Education approach the NTRC/USF with a proposal to supply computer equipment. The response involved a contribution to the education system in St Lucia by supplying 4000 Lernbook devices and 4000 MiFi units due to the unprecedented nature COVID-19 and its impact on the Education sector. Whereas, this initiative fell outside the USF’s normal mode of implementation, all projects are subsidized by the NTRC, for a period of five (5) years.

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, under its Universal Service mandate is requesting project proposals from any legal entity, group or person, in keeping with the stipulated requirements. All Project proposals are to be submitted on the approved application form which may be obtained from the office of the Commission or on the Commission’s website here.

To submit Project Proposals and for further information, the Commission’s Universal Service Fund

Office can be contacted as listed below:
The Universal Service Fund Administrator
Telephone Number: (1758) 458-2035 or (1758) 452-6871
Email address: [email protected]/[email protected] 
and copied to: [email protected]/[email protected] and [email protected]/[email protected]




Call For Proposals